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Americana Music Association UK      

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We are delighted to announce the formation of the Americana Music Association UK (AMA-UK), a professional body devoted to serving the interests of American roots music in all its forms. By providing effective and inspirational advocacy, we hope to raise public and professional awareness of the medium and support the economic viability of those individuals and organisations working in it.

Why now?  Unlike most other musical genres, Americana has no professional body campaigning on its behalf in the UK, so it‘s an idea that’s long overdue. Americana music now has a strong and passionate following in this country and has developed its own identity, one that in many ways defies traditional categorisation. We will celebrate all strands of Americana and will support musicians of any nationality who have embraced its ‘calling’, particularly the growing number of UK-based artists who have been inspired by its core values and by its limitless spirit and adventure.

Who are we? The initial momentum has come from two agencies specialising in Americana music – Grapevine Music and BPA Live. These two organisations represent over seventy North American bands and individual musicians and work regularly with hundreds of promoters and festivals as well as a wide range of industry professionals including record labels, tour management, PR companies, retailers, journalists, artist managers and development agencies. We believe that the fragmented nature of the Americana music scene is a weakness that needs to be addressed and that the way to bring people together is through an official industry body. We take inspiration from the Americana Music Association based in Nashville, a relatively new organisation that has had a profound effect on the perception and development of Americana music in the United States and now hosts an annual conference and award show, publishes weekly charts, participates in industry events, produces member newsletters and can effectively lobby on behalf of artists and other music professionals. We are pleased to say we have received their early endorsement and hope for affiliation in the near future.

In July we organised our first Conference at the Maverick Festival in Suffolk and this was a great success attracting delegates from across the UK and North America. A full programme of work is now planned for the next 12 months.

The current Board comprises Bob Butler (Chair); Stevie Freeman (Vice Chair); Bob Paterson (Secretary); Paul Spencer (Treasurer); Trudie Myserscough- Harris; Ken Ansell; Immy Doman and Risa Tabatznik. Associate Directors are Paul Fenn; Tamsin Austin and David Macias.

So there you have it. Let’s get things moving and help support this music that we love and cherish. If you want to be in this from the very start then sign up now by filling in the membership form on our website  

Our email address is

We think it’s important, vital in fact – just think of it as a great adventure, and you can never have too many of those.

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