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Awna Teixeira

Brand new album "Wild One" and the "Blue Heart On Your Sleeve" Tour 2015 coming to the UK in March!

And here in Awna's own words she describes the journey she has taken......

"In June I made the solo 25hr drive from Salt Lake City, Utah, back to my old home town of Toronto, Canada to record my new album 'Wild One!'  It felt like a long time coming, like every album…You pile together a collection of songs you have written along the way and do whatever you can to find a way to record and release them, and pray to the stars that it will all fall into place.
When I first started writing these songs almost two years ago, I decided that I would like to somehow use this release to help raise mental health awareness. There are songs on this album that make reference to and are for some beautiful people in my life that struggle with mental illness and for some beautiful people we have lost along the way.

All of these songs are very personal to me. About people I have loved and lost, about learning to trust my true voice, about learning to find my wild again and about my own struggle coming to terms with depression and trying to find my peace with it.

With everything that has gone on so far this year, and with the loss of two beautiful people from two different communities that I love, it feels more poignant than ever that we need to try and help open communication more. To break down the barriers and social stigmas of mental illness and learn how to take care of each other and ourselves. I don’t have a huge platform, but I know that on any level we can affect those around us positively and this is my hope…"

Long awaited return tour by the mesmeric Po’Girl singer Awna Teixeira. Awna will be touring with an accompanist and will be performing songs from her back catalogue as well as most her recent solo album 'Where the Darkness Goes'. As you would expect from someone as  multi-talented as Awna she will be featuring accordion, guitar, ukulele and harmonicas as well as that unforgettable voice.

“‘Where The Darkness Goes  is the album that Nanci Griffith and Dolly Parton have both been trying to produce for several years “ No Depression 5/5

 “Awna’s burgundy tones bring haunting melancholy to ballads and gung-ho brio to old-timey stompers.” Maverick Magazine

“Awna's husky yet smooth vocals are perfectly executed. Giving her upbeat songs just the edge they need while also easing into the softness of her slow ballads. After touring with Canadian favourites Po'Girl for the last seven years, she has honed in her songwriting and everyone is eagerly awaiting her first solo release coming in the fall of Sept. 2012.” CBC television

When Awna realized the world wasn't what it seemed from an early age, she packed her suitcase with her comics and a bowl of rice. By the age of six, she left home to circle the streets until night fall. She would only return home to play her garage sale organ and spit spaddadle her trumpet to songs she learned off the radio. After leaving her young life of music, Awna wound up pursuing a life of crime.  Hanging with the Robin Hood sort, she honed her driving skills as a getaway driver and perfected the image of innocence it took to walk away unscathed.

Just over a decade later, Awna found her way back to a world of songs and stories. In 2001, she joined the West Coasts' favourite street singers "The Derby," and they went on to release their Indie record "Cyborg Love Songs."  'The Derby' toured throughout Canada playing clubs and the streets. This is where Awna first learned to play the Gutbucket Bass. They spent their days bedazzling tourists and nights singing for the bar crowds. After a year, Awna and some of the members from the Derby, started the Alt-country band "The Red Eyed Rounders." They premiered on the streets during the Calgary Stampede and due to a huge response, they recorded their Indie release, "Milk River Breakdown." In a short time, they toured Canada and The Western States. It was during a preposterous adventure through the back hills of Montana, that they decided to take a long winded break and part ways.

Heading back to the good ol' upstairs, Awna teamed up some friends and started the Country-Folk band "Barley Wik." They released two full length albums and toured nationally for three years.  During this time they received great recognition and support from the Vancouver Island Music Awards. Barley Wik was addressed as the "Album of the Year", Most Listenable CD, and Best Acoustic Act. Their songs also appeared on three different music compilations nation wide.

In 2004, Awna decided to branch out and start her solo career. That venture was cut short when she ran into Allison Russell of Po'girl. The two hit it off right away, and made instant plans to collaborate.  Po'girl originally formed in Vancouver B.C. in 2003, at a time when Vancouver's roots music community was really thriving. When Awna met up with the band, they had started touring more internationally and needed a bass player that was able to live out of a suitcase. Feeling really comfortable with the idea, she joined them and hit the road the following week. Now seven years later, they have seen a bit of the world together.  Po'girl has travelled 15 different countries on 4 continents. They have played everywhere from the streets in Australia to festival stages in front of 20,000 people in Cameroon, Africa. Since Po'girl tours mostly ten to eleven months out of the year, there has been little time for other things. Po'girl has released five albums since Awna joined the band and she has moved far and beyond just playing bass. Awna has recorded many of her own compositions, has been an active arranger of all Po'girl material and has greatly participated in album production. Artistically, she has honed her skills as a photographer, painted album covers and worked on art design for the band. Awna plays and records with guitar, banjo, electric bass, gutbucket bass, ukulele, keys, accordion, glockenspiel, harmonica and percussion.

Since Po'Girl is slowing down their touring in 2011-2012, there will be more time for Awna to pursue her planned solo projects which have been on hiatus for these past few years. She has been working on writing a few different children's books and her 'How to Guide' for the Gutbucket Bass is now for sale!  In 2011-2012, she will be writing and recording her children's record and solo record; both will be released in the coming year.

UK Tour dates,

18/03/15              Farnham Malting’s

19/03/15              Garstang, Kenlis Arms

20/03/15              Barton on Humber, The Ropewalk

21/03/15              Scarborough, The Creative Gallery -

22/03/15              Ireby, The Globe

23/03/15              Liverpool, Cafe Dart

25/03/15              Hemstead, Village Hall

26/03/15              Crawley, The Hawth

27/03/15              Bristol, St Georges (Split bill with Kimmie Rhodes)

28/03/15              Lewes, Union Music @ The Con Club

29/03/15              London, Green Note

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