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Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer

Internationally-acclaimed songwriters Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer’s latest album, Maritime, captures a moment in time and place from their seaside home. Upon early release in Europe, Maritime charted at #1 on the EuroAmericana Chart for two consecutive months and ranked among the Best Albums of 2014 by The Telegraph, praising it for “…soulful songs, intuitive musicianship, and fine singing.”

Tucked away in the current-swept inland seas between Seattle, Washington and Victoria, British Columbia lies an archipelago of islands so serene that it readily defies our notion of political boundaries and sense of time. Handcrafted wooden cabins are nestled into small farms, still beyond the reach of cell towers, and the allure of the ocean is ever present. Instead of traveling far from their natural solitude to record an album in a bustling city, McGraw and Fer called on their cohort of kindred musicians and producer to come together from across the country to make what they were calling their “island record.” Recorded live in a home, at the end of a dirt road, amidst towering evergreens, a story of a patient island is told.

McGraw and Fer met in Flagstaff, Arizona in 2010 before relocating to the Pacific Northwest in 2012. McGraw spent a decade as a wildlife biologist, studying endangered birds in remote locales from the deserts of Mexico and the Grand Canyon to the mountainous rain forests of Washington state - penciling lyrics on data sheets with binoculars in hand. Fer’s musical pulse led her to Spain, where she studied music, language and local culture. After years of playing electric lead guitar with bands stateside, she suddenly found herself exploring the streets of Sevilla writing songs on a nylon guitar.

Together, their exceptional vocal harmonies coupled with Fer’s pioneering electric guitar work have become a vehicle to carry them around the world. The pair has honed their skills touring extensively throughout the US and Europe, sharing stages with fellow troubadours including Iron & Wine, Glen Hansard, Gregory Alan Isakov, Kelly Joe Phelps, Birds of Chicago and many others. Winning over audiences anywhere from Alaska to Amsterdam, McGraw and Fer are on the crest of a building wave with the US release of their new album, Maritime, on March 3rd, 2015.

Maritime is unique in its authenticity, navigating the waters of folk, indie-rock, and rootsy Americana. The album is emotive, raw, and honest. Compelling vocal harmonies grace every track, along with electric guitar, warm cello, driving rhythms and rich, wooded instruments. It is far more than just a romantic snapshot of rural, pastoral living, but rather a window into the complicated realities of broad human existence in both a troubled and beautiful world. Maritime is both the asking of questions, and the subtle answers that an island reveals.

"McGraw and Fer combine to make one magical Americana album. I could talk about all of the songs until the cows come home. Honestly this is one of those albums which 'had me at hello.' If you're a fan of modern folk and Americana, you can't go wrong with Seed of a Pine."  -Seattle Post

"Together they [Dave & Mandy] have crafted an album that positively brims with excellent songs, fine playing and exquisite vocals." -No Depression

"Dave and Mandy create a confluence of soulful lyrics, musical chops and harmony in their music that is as beautiful as it is thought provoking." -Willy Porter

“Distinctive and very enjoyable. The playing and production is beautiful, rich and enigmatic like the lyrics. It feels like we’re being drawn into some very serious minded quest, a search for truth and purpose."-FlyinShoesReview

"This is an excellent album...this duo seem to thrive on the beautiful things around us all and have an ability to make the listener stop and maybe appreciate the wonders of this world for a little longer than we would normally." -Americana-UK 9/10

"Every now and then an album comes along that is so good, you just can't get anything else done...I have this problem at the moment with Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer's first official collaboration album. Some of the most delicious harmonies to have reached this reviewer's ears thus far." -Northern Sky Music

"There is a delightful synergy between McGraw & Fer...[Seed of a Pine] has become a real favourite of mine very quickly, one of those albums you find yourself dipping into time and again just to enjoy the little moments."  Music News

"I raise a glass to a record [Seed of a Pine] that will surprise you, lead you to memory, and warm you. May this music be heard!" -Minor 7th



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