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Krista Detor

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Trio (keyboards, guitar, bass)

“A small miracle. Wonderful, intensive music, she would be good on every stage in the world” - Rolling Stone

“Detor’s portraits are finely painted, a million miles above moon, spoon and  June.” - Folkwax

"Krista Detor is an undiscovered gem but her writing and performing put her up there amongst the best in the world right now" Bernard Hoskin, Promoter CB2 Cambridge 2014

“One of the most hair-raising swatches of aural beauty I have heard in a long time” - P. Kellach Waddle, Pulitzer-prize nominated composer

“Krista's voice is two parts holy and one part hussy, perfectly complimented by expert piano work that will leave you wrung-out but ready for more. I can't say enough about this super-dope soul out of the Indiana outback, she's the TRUTH!” - Ace Ha, Producer for Geffen Records

“Soon, she will dominate the world, but for now a growing and adoring army of followers can enjoy her latest efforts, and find much in the way of further ammunition to assist in their evangelisation of the uninitiated.” fRoots

"All Songwriters should be this good" - Al Kooper, for the Boston Herald

“Exquisite" – Maverick Magazine 

"Her music is a great big old travelling troupe, there are comediennes and trapeze artists, carnival barkers and preachers and knife-throwers under a tent on the edge of town, gaslight and mirrors and something that shines in the sawdust... kept me hanging on every note, every night." - Peter Mulvey

“A vibrant and refreshing alternative to most of the whiney, self-indulgent singer/songwriter offerings these days. Intelligent, heartfelt lyrics and gorgeous song crafting.” - Iain Matthews

‘One of the finest singer-songwriters I’ve run across in years.” - Carrie Newcomer, Award-winning Artist Biography

Of Songwriter Krista Detor’s work, Rolling Stone says, “A Small Miracle....” while the Boston Herald says, simply, “All songwriters should be this good”.

Detor’s solo albums have reached national and international prominence, including number one on the Euro-Americana Chart and placement within the top 10 of the U.S. Folk and Independent Music charts. She has performed with such notable artists as Suzanne Vega, Joan Armatrading, The Neville Brothers, Louden Wainwright, Sam Phillips, and John Gorka, among others. Her choral works have been commissioned by the Ashland Women’s Choir, the Shrewsbury Community Choir, the Cincinnati Women’s Choir, and others. Krista continues to tour the U.S., Canada and Northern Europe, as a songwriter, performer, and seeker of inspiration wherever and whenever she can find it.

A returning guest lecturer at Stanford University, Detor works with students in the Program in Writing and Rhetoric. Her album, “Chocolate Paper Suites” is now ‘required reading’ for the literature course, "The 'isms of Modernism," in which students seek to explore modernism's impact on, and negotiation with, contemporary culture and art.

Detor was the only American woman invited to the Darwin Songhouse, a project in which songwriters sequestered for one week in Shrewsbury, England, to write songs celebrating the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth. Commissioned by the Shrewsbury Arts Council and Shrewsbury Folk Festival, and covered extensively by the BBC, the project culminated in a live performance and CD. Detor’s work was singled out by The Guardian Newspaper, UK, in a review which called the album impressive & intriguing’.

Says Neil Pearson, Producer of the Darwin Songhouse: “Krista is one of the very finest modern songwriters at writing within character; and her ability to convey the emotions of the people that inhabit her songs is utterly convincing and believable. The range of situations and circumstances her characters occupy, and the compelling way the narratives are delivered make one of the most flexible and empathetic writers. Her understanding of the human condition and her ability to express the motivation for her characters give her songs real impact and resonance with the listener.”

She is Co-Creator of the CD and stage show Wilderness Plots, which resulted in an Emmy-nominated PBS Special. Detor, the four other Wilderness Plots songwriters and author Scott Russell Sanders were honoured in 2010 by both Houses of the Indiana Legislature for Contributions to the Arts.

Very recently in collaboration with Carrie Newcomer and authors Scott Russell Sanders and Phillip Gulley, Krista has been exploring issues of Sustainability and Hope on a small planet. This led to a symposium at Stamford University focussing on the necessary roles of science and art in our efforts to create human sustainability. She was also director and composer for ‘Anvil, Garden, Canvas, Clay’ – a full length musical theatre piece based on the lives of four distinguished women artists from the early 20th century, via their journals and letters.

Later in 2013 Krista will release her new album ‘Box of Clouds’, inspired by the photographer Robert Parke Harrison. The CD will be accompanied by a book of lyrics, essays and limericks. In Krista’s words “I’ll take the snapshots in song and piece them together in an old album with black triangular mounts and hand-written descriptions of where, when and who. Then I’ll wrap the album in a box of clouds and send it off. We’ll see where it lands”


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