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Rita Hosking

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duo (with Sean Feder - plus Hava, Rita's daughter on some songs)

Rita Hosking - 'Little Boat' - Top 10 Country Albums of 2013 - Martin Chilton, The Telegraph

 'Come Sunrise' CD was on the selection ballot for a Grammy Award 2010

‘Come Sunrise’ - one of five nominees for Best Country Album in the Independent Music Awards

Rita sings original mountain roots music --soulful ballads and old time drive-- with a voice that evokes awe towards the power of people and place. And it is that voice that really grabs your attention - a kind of cross between the haunting delivery of Gillian Welch and the richness of Iris Dement. Then there are the songs, wow, can this girl write. Altogether, Rita is a talent that you just don't come across every day. 

‘Rita Hosking's seven-song EP 'Little Boat' is a little gem of classy Americana’.  4/5 -The Telegraph

“Her old-timey, keening vocals and simple accompaniments lie between Iris Dement and Gillian Welch, but her stoical tales and poetic touch are her own” Uncut

“There’s a grit to her songs and sinewy toughness to her voice that weave their own spell.” Q Magazine

“…the best-kept secret in the country-folk traditionalist movement … it’s high time Hosking got the recognition she deserves.” R2 Magazine

"Oozes class from start to finish” No Depression 2013

“There are an awful lot of women with acoustic guitars pouring their hearts out so it takes something special to stand out, and (Rita) Hosking does” Americana UK

“The idea of hearing a more gorgeous or better balanced album than this in the coming year has huge appeal but I can’t really imagine it is going to happen” American Roots UK

“Pretty much blown away by it” Blabber 'n' Smoke

“Impressive and classy. Her songs are compassionate tales about ordinary folk but there is anger as well as warmth in her voice.” Neil Spencer, The Observer

"Fourth album confirms poetic Californian's arrival into the country pantheon." Uncut Magazine

 "Superb country-folk from a brilliant singer-songwriter." Americana UK

"Got the Rita Hosking CD this morning - she is absolutely spectacular. Her 3rd album? It’s perfectly produced, intriguing songs and a very special voice. Wow!" Sandy Harsch, RTE Radio 1 in Ireland

"From the first time I heard Rita sing, her voice gripped me and did not let go; a voice whose beauty speaks from a deep place of honest and raw and powerful emotion." Joe Craven

““Rita Hosking has one of those perfectly imperfect voices necessary to do folk music right. Hosking keeps it beautifully raw and real in the pitchy tradition of Emmylou Harris or Lucinda Williams. Musically, her bluegrass-tinged performances hearken back to the best of American music without mimicking the greats.”The Eugene Weekly

“Remember when you wanted to like Gillian Welch or Iris Dement but there just wasn't something you felt you could grab onto?  Hosking takes it to the next level of the game. Loaded with verve, spirit and out of the box energy, you don't have to be a hardcore bluegrass fan to play this often and loud.  A top shelf recording all the way.” Chris Spector of Midwest Record

"What I appreciate about Rita's music is that she has the innate ability to take the listener back to a simpler and better time in American music.” Cool As Folk KDVS host Michael Leahy

“With Come Sunrise Hosking gives us a prism that isolates the distinct historic threads of country and folk music and then combines it again into a wholly satisfying and extraordinary body of work.” Twang Nation

“Rita Hosking has one of those voices that just seems to get directly at both the heart of the song and of the listener. Her vocals don't so much command attention as they just invite you in with such warmth and sincerity as to make assent seem like the most natural thing to do.” Outskirts of Country

"Her breed of Nor Cal country folk ain't quite old-timey, and it ain't quite bluegrass, but damn it's sweet. For fans of Emmylou and Gillian, this one's a safe bet. The songs of Rita Hosking are as fragile as a newborn baby, and defiant as a West Virginia coal miner." Stuart Mason, Fiddlefreak Folk Review

“When I was growing up, people used to say Hank Williams had the high lonesome. I took that to mean that when he sang certain songs, he had a way of echoing the lone coyote on a full moon night. I've heard only a few besides Williams who had it, most notably Steve Young, who can squeeze a gleeful heart dry with his mournful wail. And Rita Hosking...She tells stories and paints pictures faultlessly. In fact, I'd lay down a good bet that if she'd written this review, it would have said much more in a much better way. I know I could never sing like her, but I wish to God I could write like her. It would make it a hell of a lot easier. For you and for me.”. Rock & Reprise

“The first thing that hits you with this disc is the strength and power of Rita Hosking's voice, and the fierce passion it contains. The soulful lonesomeness of mountains and a yearning come through in these songs.”Bob Gottlieb, Folk and Acoustic Music

“Superb throughout, Rita Hosking does enough to suggest she is destined for bigger and better things. I will be staggered if she isn’t!” Maurice Hope, Flyin Shoes

“Purest Americana. There is a grit to her songs and a sinewy toughness to her voice that weave their own spell” Peter Kane, Q Magazine

The overall impression one gets from this album is that of a very talented artist with the ability to step up to that pantheon of great female country folk singers and writers. Highly recommended. Paul Kerr, Americana UK (9/10 review of Come Sunrise)

It may well be early days in 2010, but you're unlikely to hear a better country album all year. Californian Rita Hosking now releases her third album, which is set to raise the bar on the genre now exploding across the states. Elly Roberts.

Brilliant, engaging, charming, funny. Just perfect! We loved them, our audience loved them - we want them back! UK promoter 2010

Kitchen tables, springs, loss, miners, mountains, culture clash, trailers, stray dogs, loggers, hope, forest fires - Rita Hosking's country-folk music is this and more, and always fierce and lovely. Her delivery is, to put it simply, intense.

That voice, called a "soulful howl from the mountains" (California Bluegrass Association) is calling attention around the country---"What? California girls don't sing like that!!?" But Rita will tell you about her upbringing in rural Shasta County, and the old-time band of seasoned mountain characters that took her under their wings. This California girl comes by her mountain-music sensibility with true authenticity, with original songs deeply rooted in her family's frontier experience. A descendant of Cornish miners who sang in the mines, Rita grew up with deep regard for folk music and the power of the voice.

Rita's songs have been lauded for story and sense of place, and her performances praised for capturing the audience. Honours include winner of the '08 Dave Carter Memorial Songwriting Contest at the Sisters Folk Festival and finalist for the '09 Telluride Troubadour Contest. She has played her songs for appreciative listeners at the Strawberry Music Festival, Kate Wolf Music Festival, and many more. Rita points out that she likes to "get to the heart of the matter." As with a mystic, this means a loaded and stunning, yet gentle and compassionate delivery. As Craven adds, "Rita's messages are immediate yet patient and her quiet conviction most strong."

Come Sunrise, a collection of 11 original songs and Rita's third album, was released in June of 2009. Recorded in Austin, Texas with producer and guitarist Rich Brotherton (Robert Earl Keen, Caroline Herring,) Come Sunrise launched Rita onto the national Americana scene with players such as Brotherton himself, Lloyd Maines, Warren Hood, Glenn Fukunaga, and many more. It entered the US Folk chart top 20 in May and was still there 4 months later, having received the kind of reviews normally reserved for folk music's top echelon.

Rita toured the UK that year and played at several major events including Larmer Tree Festival and Summer Tyne Festival.

In 2011 Rita went back into the studio with Rich Brotherton to record a new masterful CD ‘Burn’ – another hugely acclaimed release and later that year she visited the UK to tour with British folk legend Michael Chapman. 2013 saw the release of her third CD with Rich ‘Little Boat’ and this coincided with another short UK tour in the spring. In 2014 Rita returns with Sean Feder for a longer tour and several media appearances.

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