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The Kennedys

“Irresistible” -Rolling Stone 

“More hooks than Marilyn Monroe’s closet” -Chicago Sun-Times

“Unabashed, hook-laden pop” -Village Voice

 The Kennedys albums were largely unrecognised in the UK, except by a devoted coterie who scanned the Internet for import-only releases. That all changed when the duo released "Closer Than You Know" in 2012, their first fully promoted UK album since "Life is Large" was a radio staple some years back. Three new CD releases later will see the release of their "20th Anniversary Series" in Spring 2015 – an astonishing three simultaneous CDs of new material: WEST the duos new studio album; a Pete Kennedy solo CD; and a Maura Kennedy solo CD; about 40 new songs in all.

The first CD, WEST, will be released initially only for their English fans, and they will be touring the country in Spring 2015. The Kennedys have engaged a UK PR agent and UK distribution company to ensure the best possible media coverage. 

Over the last two decades The Kennedys have released a string of albums to critical acclaim in the US that have traversed a broad musical landscape - surveying power pop, acoustic songwriting, organic rock rooted in their early days in Austin, and a Byrds-inspired jangle that drew the attention of Roger McGuinn, Steve Earle, and most notably Nanci Griffith.

Their music is pop for grownups, sweetness without froth, and you may find your spirits lifted, even as the texture shifts from sunlit to a rich darkness. Pete's instrumental arrangements cushion Maura's bell-like harmonies, and the sonic colours reflect a palette of influences, from John Barry to the Byrds, but ultimately The Kennedys stand on their own and once again come up with a unique sound that is as uplifting as it is unclassifiable.

Americana duo The Kennedys met in Austin Texas, in the early ‘90s. Pete was playing lead guitar in Nanci Griffith’s Blue Moon Orchestra, and Maura was fronting Austin roots rockers the Delta Rays. The two sang together at a songwriter’s jam session, and the personal and musical chemistry came together on the spot. Pete left town the following day to play a show with Nanci in Telluride Colorado, high in the Rockies. He called Maura in Austin, a thousand miles away, and the two resolved to meet up at the equidistant point between them. As fortune would have it, that turned out to be Lubbock, Texas, home of a number of great Texas songwriters, most notably Buddy Holly. Pete and Maura decided that they would each drive solo, five hundred miles, and meet at Holly’s grave in Lubbock. They met, they sang “Not Fade Away” and they took off on the road…twenty years and a million miles later, they have released a dozen CDs, and in 2015 they will celebrate twenty years, not with an “oldies: box set, but with three CDs of new songs, forty songs in all.

The first CD, WEST, will be released initially only for their English fans, and they will be touring the country in Spring 2015.

After 20 years of duo gigs, and many shows backing and supporting the legendary Ms. Griffith, The Kennedys, in many ways, define Americana. They have lived it, from Texas to the Appalachians, and their music is a multi-patterned quilt of sounds that reflect the back roads and small towns of their still young, rambunctious country. That blend, played and sung with their own personal touch, is the sound of WEST.


WEST: (Spring 2015)

Tone, Twang, and Taste (an all instrumental CD celebrating pre-rock electric guitar) - Pete Kennedy solo 2014.

Dance A Little Closer: The Kennedys Sing The Songs Of Nanci Griffith - recorded live at The Turning Point, New York 2014

Trouble in the Fields (compilation) (2013)

Closer Than You Know by The Kennedys (2012)

Retrospective by The Kennedys (2012)                                           

Parade of Echoes by Maura Kennedy (2010)                                                

Better Dreams by The Kennedys (2008)

Songs of the Open Road by The Kennedys (2006)

Half a Million Miles by The Kennedys (2005)

Stand by The Kennedys (2003)

Get It Right by The Kennedys (2002)

Evolver by The Kennedys (2000)

Angel Fire by The Kennedys (1998)

Life Is Large (CD) by The Kennedys (1996)

River of Fallen Stars by The Kennedys (1995)


UK Tour dates

30/04/15              Glasgow  Woodend B&C Club

01/05/15              Basingstoke, The Forge at the Anvil

02/05/15              Bristol,  venue TBC

03/05/15              Birmingham, The Kitchen Garden

06/05/15              Southport, The Atkinson

07/05/15              Milton Keynes, The Stables

08/05/15              London, Kings Place

09/05/15              Leeds, Seven

10/05/15              Cumbria, Halie - Stirin it up North

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